Special Edition <br> Boss Hog + Patch <br> Throw Like A Pro

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Series Status - ACL Comp
Series ACL Approved - Yes
Series ESPN Approved - No
Bag Size - 5.75"
Bag Weight - 15.80 oz.
Total Bags - 4
Logo Side Speed - Medium
Non Logo Side Speed - Medium

Boss Hog: Like a Boss - when you throw the Boss Hog by Razor Bags.

This is for  a set of 4 Special Edition Razor Boss Hogs bags + 1 Razor patch.


Customer Review: BOSS HOG - these bags compare to the popular Widows....but BETTER!! As soon as I got these in they felt amazing. They don't take the extensive break in to have that great hole action but yet still feel great in the hand. The slow side is the same as the War Pig controllable and able to be pushed in. The fast side is slightly faster than the slow and a little faster than widows depending on conditions. Doesn't kick and finds the hole easily without clogging it up.