Razor Blue Tournament Boards



Quantity 1 = A set of boards

These are the official tournament Razor Bags boards. FREE shipping included in price.

1) Cut by an automated CNC machine.
2) Graphics are UV printed directly onto the wood.
3) Constructed of solid 3/4" 3B Baltic Birch. The best wood for cornhole boards.
4) Pocket hole construction + Titebond 2 wood glue for added strength.
5) Edges have a round over, which adds a professional look + prolongs bag life.
6) Built in scoreboard added on leg brace.
7) Underside cross brace to eliminate any extra bounce and vibrations.
8) The underside of top deck has a routed out channel. The frame pushes into the channel creating a perfectly placed frame + extra rigidity.

Shipping times are listed at the top of the website. This is a made to order piece, therefore once the order is submitted there are no refunds or cancellations.