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Razor Rain
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Series Status - ACL Pro
Series ACL Approved - Yes
Series ESPN Approved - Yes
Bag Size - 5.75"
Bag Weight - 15.80 oz.
Total Bags - 4
Logo Side Speed - Medium
Non Logo Side Speed - Fast

Rain: New for the 2020 - 2021 season is the Razor Rain. Introducing our new Razor Rug logo side, with our new Razor Rain non logo side. When you take these bags out of the package instantly you notice the unbelievable ready to play a tournament feeling. Filled with the new Razor Resin mix, a top closing seam, and our new logo, this bag is expected to be our top seller this season. The Razor Rug is a medium speed, not too sticky, not too fast. Allowing all sorts of bag moves & strategy on the boards. We combined that with our new Razor Rain material and as the name implies this bag plays in the rain & humidity. This is a must have bag for all Razor throwers, a bag everyone needs in their pig pen.

Customer Review: Rain side fast but very controllable. Rug side I’m almost speechless. Has perfect amount of slide. With this material I can block, roll over bags or slide it in.

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