ACL Pro - Razor Rampage



Quantity 1 = 4 Bags
Logo Side Speed - Medium / 6
Non Logo Side Speed - Fast / 8

Rampage: Powered by our exciting new RZ3 resin.

New for the 2021 - 2022 season is the Razor Rampage. We read it all the time, XYZ bag is like no other bag on the market. Well folks I really think we have that bag. The fibers of the Razor Rampage have been injected with little Razor teeth.

Razor Bite is what we call this new material. Sweaty hands a problem, not with this material. Imagine how easy it is when you go for an airmail drag, your bag will bite into your other bag and both will drop into the hole. Even when your opponent goes for an airmail, if they hit your bag its gonna bite into their bag and be pulled into the hole.

There's gonna be players who master this bag and bring a whole lot of crazy to the boards. Trick shots, strategy and winning will be what this bag is all about.

Customer Feedback: The teeth are crazy, never used a bag like it before. It grabs my other bags and pulls them in to the hole.