Razor Cornhole Board & Razor Cornhole Bags

Razors Cornhole Bag Journey

Razor Bags - one of the original Professional Cornhole Bag manufacturers. We started out years ago on a home sewing machine and kitchen table. Now we manufacture licensed ACL Cornhole Bags from our shop in Arizona, on commercial equipment.

Computer controlled sewing machines, each cornhole bag is perfect every time. Commercial printer with the highest quality ink for those vivid colors. RZ3+ resin for players who want the most controllable cornhole bag on the market.

Whether you're a casual player or an ACL pro, we have everything you need to enhance your game of cornhole. Our cornhole bags are built to ACL regulations and meet the highest standards. Our cornhole boards are the highest quality at the best pricing with FREE shipping. Looking for the best cornhole bags, you found us, now let's win some games throwing Razor Bags.

What's RZ3+ Resin

RZ3+ resin filled ACL Cornhole Bags, the best Razor Bags manufactured, ever. We use a perfect amount of mixed resin, for the perfect amount of bag movement on the boards.

We spent several years testing different cornhole resin formulas so we could bring you the highest performance Pro Cornhole Bag on the market. Remove the bounce, remove the kick, easy to grip. Task accomplished, RZ3+ resin. You won't know how good they are unless you try them.

Does your Pro Cornhole Bag have the RZ3+ stamp?

Free Flow Liner

To decrease the friction between the fabric & resin, we have installed a Free Flow Liner on the inside of 70% of our 2024 production lineup.

Our Free Flow Liner is so smooth the RZ3+ resin flows around the interior of the bag like melted butter. Allowing increased bag movement, increased hole action, and most importantly increased wins.

Speed Ratings

What are they and where can I find them?

Our ACL cornhole bags have a description on their product page. The first thing in that description is the speed rating for that cornhole bag.

The speed rating lets you know how fast or slow that cornhole bag is on the cornhole boards.
We use both a 1 - 10 scale, and a fast / medium / slow scale. Where 1 is the slowest, and 10 is the fastest.

Our Items

Razor Bags are American Cornhole League (ACL) approved for the 2024 season.

Great pricing, exceptional quality, RZ3+ resin and a wide variety of graphic options make our Razor Professional Cornhole Bags the right choice for any player. Manufactured right here in the USA & shipped nationwide.

Does your Pro Cornhole Bag have the RZ3+ stamp?


Roll, cut, block, slide, The Butcher does it all.

Butcher Details

War Pig

A thousand Wars, A thousand Victories

War Pig Details


So much winning you feel like you must be cheating.

Knuckle Details

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